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Harrisburg 41-2 Podcast

Episode 1

February is National Career and Technical Education Month and the Harrisburg School District has made a commitment to providing quality learning experiences for all learners K-12 in the areas of career exploration and skill development. What was historically thought of as vocational education, resulting in low wages and stagnant career paths, CTE has adapted to meet the needs of in demand career fields and serve as a springboard to high quality workforce development. The school district has programs and pathways in 13 of the 16 occupational career clusters and provides CTE opportunities at all levels.

As HEDC strives to bring in businesses and organizations to enhance Harrisburg’s economy and employment opportunities the role of CTE in our school district couldn’t be more important to highlight. Learners in our district are able to learn about careers, practice hands-on skills, and visit local business and industry on tours to get first-hand glimpses of potential careers. HEDC is a proud HSD supporter and we are happy to share the career exploration space. Listen to the District’s first CTE Month podcast episode highlighting programs K-12 and how they are shaping futures. If you’d like to learn more about CTE and workforce development opportunities in the Harrisburg School District, contact Breanne Lynch – Career & Education Coordinator

Episode 2

When does it start? Career conversations seem to make sense for most in high school, right? We believe career exploration is for all K-12. Some researchers believe learners as young as four are crossing off skills and working environments from the future career list. It is imperative that we provide opportunities for learners to explore all careers throughout their educational journey. The district provides career learning experiences in the elementary through a program called Learner Interest Day. This one-hour event invites business and community partners to share either work, skills, or passions in fun, hands-on, exploration focused activities. Every occupation is welcome from HVAC to restauranteur. Listen to the amazing benefits of Learner Interest Day and how programs like these are catalysts for future entrepreneurs and employees.

Thanks to Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce Director, Carrie Bell, PULSE Dance Studio owner/instructor, Kara Van Voorst, FFA member Emily Watson, and school district technology integrationist, Kyle Knips for sharing the LID stories.

Episodes from 2022 

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