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2024 Annual Meeting │ April 2024

Updated: Apr 30

Our annual meeting serves as a crucial platform for fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and strengthening partnerships within our community. The active engagement of our partners underscores the commitment to promoting sustainable economic growth in Harrisburg. 

The Board of Directors is energized and inspired by the collaborative spirit demonstrated by everyone who joined us and shared at our event held at the Meadow Barn on April 11, 2024. The ideas exchanged and connections forged will undoubtedly propel us forward for the remainder of the year as we continue our efforts to drive economic development and create a brighter future for our region.

Our organization couldn’t be where it’s at today without the support and commitment from many stakeholders, organizations and individuals that have put in the extra- effort to have the success we experienced in 2023. Some of those organizations include the City of Harrisburg, the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, the Harrisburg School District, Lincoln County, Sioux Area Metro Growth Association and many investors, past board members and volunteers. The list below culminates some of our organization’s successes from the past year and we couldn’t have done it without so much assistance from our great community.

Success in 2023

  • Launched a new website

  • Defined a mission statement for HEDC: We strategically facilitate and promote quality development and growth in Harrisburg

  • Completed Hotel Feasibility Study + sent our findings to a dozen potential interested developers

  • Hosted an annual strategic planning session with the Board of Directors

  • Expanded our relationship with SMGA to a full time Economic Development Management Specialist

  • Celebrated groundbreakings for Kwik Star and Pulse Dance Studio

  • The City was named the FASTEST growing city in South Dakota as of July 2021-2022 with a population increase of 10.5% and a mid-year 2023 population estimate of 9,515

  • Increased jobs by 28.2% from 2018-2023 -- outpacing the national growth rate of 3.6% by 24.6%

  • 2023 was a record year of sales tax for the City with 1.41% (1st and 2nd Penny) and 3.87% (3rd Penny) growth YOY

  •  Building Permit Valuations where down 38 YOY with Single-Family Units seeing the biggest decrease(37) YOY

  • Collaboration with City of Harrisburg and Retail Strategies Group for future opportunities to promote Harrisburg to national retailers

  • Many meetings, introductions, project discussions, collaborations, conferences and partnerships in the community

Our community continues experiencing record growth and development. Great things are ahead all thanks to the hard work from our amazing team and supporters. Our initiatives for 2024 include:

• Identifying land for acquisition of a future business park

• Attracting new companies to locate in or near Harrisburg

• Expansion of existing companies that are currently in the planning process

• Implementation of a business retention program

• Expansion of workforce initiatives with the Harrisburg School District and local partners

• Enhancement of marketing to brokers, developers, and workforce partners

The Harrisburg Economic Development Corporation is proud to be leading these efforts and we appreciate each one of you for your time, investment, and involvement in our community. Thank you to those who joined us for our annual event. We look forward to partnering and connecting with everyone in 2024 and beyond.

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